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3 Day Intensives 

Michelle R. Nault, LPC is a trained and Certified Hope and Freedom Practitioner (CHFP) and a Certified Sexual Addictions Therapist (CSAT). Three Day Hope and Freedom Intensives are designed and formatted for couples and/or individuals to work on issues stemming from Sexual Addiction/Sexually Compulsive behaviors. Completing a 3 Day Intensive is the approximate equivalent to attending 6 months of weekly therapy appointments. Offering therapy in this type of a 3 Day format gives the couple/individual more time to work through issues and gain more traction in their treatment and recovery. Attending a 3 Day Hope and Freedom Intensive requires a prior personal interview to determine suitability for the couple/individual. Please call (205)314-4761 to schedule a time to find out more information regarding availability and suitability of a 3 Day Intensive for you. 


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