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Michelle's views regarding the Counseling process...

Sometimes in life we can get overwhelmed with our past and are not certain how to resolve the issues that arise from these experiences. At other times it might be an issue in our present that robs us of our peace. Feelings of uncertainty that we are living to our fullest potential can cause us to worry and lose hope for our future. I believe the therapy process to be the beginning of a journey towards the life you long to live. It is through this journey that therapist and client work together to set therapeutic goals and also work together towards achieving them. Through the process of therapy we begin to work out the issues within and begin to seek healing that incorporates the development of a new perspective regarding the past, present and future. It can feel uncertain to be this vulnerable. Taking the risk to be fully known by a therapist can initially feel awkward. It can also be the moment when you work past that initial discomfort and you begin to find the confidence within to begin moving towards the life you desire. By taking that first step and reaching out for help, you can start the journey towards the life you long for. With the help of a trained professional. healing can begin, peace can be found and hope can be renewed. I find it an honor to sit with each client as they do the work of therapy as I work to guide the therapeutic process. I find great fulfillment in assisting others that are seeking to find the life they have always wanted but never thought possible. It is my desire each day to make a difference in the lives of others and help each and every client find the path to true freedom in their lives.



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